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Chemin du Sacre

05700 Serres



tel. 04 92 67 01 04

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2010 -  8th Serres Jazz Festival    -  from  17 till 24 July  2010


Affiche Pascal Moscowitz


Price :

Full price :  15 €,

Reduced price : 12 €

(members, unemployed, students, groups 10 or more)

3 or 4 different concerts/person : reduced price applied : 12 €/concert

Children under 12 years (maximum 2 / adult) : free entrance


Pass Festival Day : 27 €

1 concert on 21, 22 or 24 July 2010 + 1 entry at the base de loisirs de la Germanette, + 1 lunch or diner in one of the restaurants partners of Serres Jazz (see below)*


Information and booking :

Serres Tourist Office

Harmonia Mundi, Gap


and on this website from France (by check)

(click on réservations)


Saturdayi 17 -  18h30

La Germanette
Free entrance

The Groove Cookers

Sunday 18 - 21h00

Salle des Fêtes - Le Bersac

15€ or 12€

Capucine OLLIVIER Quartet

Monday 19 - 17h00

Place du Lac - Serres

free entrance**

LNAM Quartet

Monday 19 - 18h30

Cafet'U - Veynes

free entrance

Swing Label

Tuesday 20 - 19h00

Salle des Fêtes Lucien Sallée - Serres


Diane & Misterioso "Jazz'Ocktail",

Wednesday 21 21h00

Théâtre de Verdure de la Germanette

15€ or 12€


Thursday 22 21h00

Théâtre de Verdure de la Germanette

15€ or 12€

AURORE Quartet

Friday 23 16h00 and 18h30

Val de Serres - free en trance

Place de la Fontaine Serres - free***


Saturday 24 21h00

Théâtre de Verdure de la Germanette

15€ or 12€

Dmitry BAEVSKY Quartet invite Fabien MARY

FESTIVAL BOULES TROPHY : BOULES contest 23 July 2010 at 14h00 Place du Lac in Serres

Partnership with the association Pignolette Pétanque Club

from 12 till 24 July 2010 : exhibition BOULES AND JAZZ,  drawings by Pierre BALLOUHEY at Serres Tourist Office

* Partnership with the Bibliothèque Départementale des Hautes-Alpes

** Partnership with the Association des Commerçants de Serres and Serres Tourist Office

*** Partnership with the Association des Commerçants de Serres


One CD offered for every CD or DVD purchased, upon presentation of

a ticket for a concert at 8th Serres Jazz Festival

from 1 July till 31 August 2010 in every Harmonia Mundi Shop or boutique.

Offered CD : Harmonia Mundi selection



*Restaurants partners of Serres Festival


Le Serrois

Le Commerce

l'Hôtel du Nord

Pont La BarqueLa Germanette

restaurant Le Serrois

tel. 04 92 49 68 15tel. 04 92 67 02 14tel. 04 92 67 03 79tel. 04 92 67 05 45tel. 04 92 53 80 10

tel. 04 92 43 33 82

The Festival Day pass will be on sale at Serres Tourist Office



Programme summary in pdf (flyer)  :  


Capucine OLLIVIER Quartet

Standards - vocals

Sunday 18 at 21h00

Le Bersac

15 €,  reduced : 12 €


Capucine Ollivier, guitar, vocals
Jean Bernard Oury, trumpet
Sébastien Lalisse, piano
Stéphane Massé, double bass



Capucine's voice is caressing, sensual, "naïve" but not silly, melodious and "classy". Her jazz is inspired by the standards, the voices of Chet Baker (the sunny side of Chet), Billy Holliday, Abbey Lincoln, San Fetz sound... The Quartet is composed of talented musicians who will communicate their pleasure to play together.




Concert &  Literature

Tuesday 20 at 19h00

Salle des Fêtes de Serres

Free entrance

Diane de Montlivaut, lecture
Nicolas Dejean, sax ténor, flute
Sébastien Lalisse, piano
Emilie Bourgeois, double bass
Alain Antoni, drums


« JAZZ’O'CKTAIL » Boris Vian


Selection of texts by Boris Vian, songs, music, freedom, humour, imagination and dream, a glittering cocktail about Jazz and litterature.



Partnership with Bibliothèque Départementale des Hautes-Alpes.




Wednesday 21 at 21h00
Théâtre de Verdure
15 €, reduced 12€

 Dee Alexander, vocals,
Miguel Delacerna, piano,
Harrison Bankhead, double bass
Ernie Adams, drums


Dee Alexander is one of Chicago’s most gifted and respected female vocalist/songwriters. Her talents spans every music genre, from Gospel to R&B, from Blues to Neo-Soul. Yet her true heart and soul are experienced in their purest form through her performance of Jazz music. From a soft, sultry traditional ballad, to a contemporary Jazz-Funk groove; from a high flying swing, to a scat-filled romp, Dee Alexander delivers each style with a passion and love of music that comes across in each and every note, and with a style and grace that is truly her own. The last CD Wild is the Wind has encountered a great success. Dee Alexander will start her European tour in Serres.




AURORE Quartet

Manouche Jazz

Thursday 22 at 21h00

Théâtre de Verdure

15 €, reduced 12 €


Aurore Voilqué, violin
Patricia Lebeugle, double bass
Thomas Ohresser, guitar,
Siegfried Mandacé, guitar,


Take a double bass, two guitars and a violin. Shake, sprinkle with Slavic rythms, gypsy jazz and tunes from yiddish folksongs. Don't forget to add a pinch of swing. And there you have it, the Aurore Quartet. A giddy cocktail : joyful compositions which wake up gypsy jazz. Well served with the cheeky young voice of Aurore Voilque, well qualified in the classical music, before becoming an adept of Django Reinhart and Grappelli,

Aurore Quartet, a group to discover urgently in Serres !


invites Fabien Mary

Jazz instrumental

Saturday 24 at 21h00

Théâtre de Verdure

15 €, reduced 12 €


Dmitry Baevsky - sax alto
Fabien Mary - trumpet
Yves Brouqui - guitar
Mathias Allamane - double bass
Philippe Soirat – drums


«Czar of sax alto », Dmitry Baevsky, born in Russia has become a phenomenom of NYC Jazz. His tasteful, swinging and virtuosic playing has commanded the respect of the most established musicians in New York. Over the last several years, Baevsky has performed and appeared with such musicians as Cedar Walton, Jimmy Cobb, Barry Harris, Louis Hayes, John Webber, Dennis Irwin, Joe Cohn, Peter Bernstein, Harry Allen, Joe Magnarelli, Ryan Kisor and many others.He will be joined by the talented trumpetist Fabien MARY.

An exceptional event in Serres.





FESTIVAL BOULES TROPHY : BOULES contest 23 July 2010 at 14h00 Place du Lac in Serres

Partnership with the association Pignolette Pétanque Club

from 12 till 24 July 2010 : exhibition BOULES AND JAZZ,  drawings by Pierre BALLOUHEY at Serres Tourist Office




Saturday 17 at 18h30

La Germanette - Serres

Christian Doncarli, organ
Pierre Payet, tenor saxophone
Franck Rouget, guitar, synthetizer.
Zouz Adelli, drums

This Quartet plays the Jazz-Rock of the 70'ss, with the soft sounds of the Hammond organ and the tenor saxophone are mixed with funky rhythms of guitar and drums for a "well cooked" groove.




LNAM Quartet

Monday 19 at 17h00

Place du Lac Serres
Loïc Marin-Souza, Fender Rhodes
Nicolas Reboud, drums
Arnaud Josset, guitar,
Maud Fourmanoir, Flute

Fender Rhodes, percussions, guitare, flute : a new and creative kind of Jazz mucic, lead by imagination, freedom : that is spirit of Jazz




Monday 19 at 18h30

Cafet'U de Veynes
Dominique de la Boissière, vocals
Bernard Galland, tenor sax
Marc Paulin, piano
Phil Casel, double bass
Roland Muret, drums

The great and unforgettable standards of Jazz, swing and bossa nova, in a cabaret style.




Friday 23 at 16 h00 and 18h30

Val de Serres  and Place de la Fontaine Serres

Esther Mainieri, vocals
Salvatore Virgone, saxophone
Benoît Baruteau, guitar
Julien Vignon, double bass
Rémi d'Aversa, percussions

Multiples influences : funk, jazz, rock, groove, with a some trip-hop ambiance and a slight touch of electronic sound.






(click to enlarge


17 July 2010,  Groove Cookers at the Restaurant of la Germanette







18 July 2010, Capucine Ollivier Quartet in Le Bersac



19 jJuly 2010, LNAM in Serres



 19 July 2010, Swing Label at Cafet'U of Veynes



20 July 2010, Diane & Misterioso in Serres





21 July 2010, Dee Alexander at the Théâtre de Verdure of la Germanette








22 July 2010, Aurore Quartet in Serres



23 July 2010, Claksound at Val de Serres



... and place de la Fontaine in Serres










23 july 2010, Festival Boules Trophy in Serres



 24 July 2010, Dmitry Baevsky invites Fabien Mary salle des fêtes - Serres




















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