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Click to visit Claudine François website

or this other one, and turn the volume up (if you are not at the office, obviously)


between Cameroon, the Caribbean and jazz, music to dance to, sing, dream and travel…”

Claudine François, originally a talented classical pianist , has accompanied Mal Waldron, Don Cherry and many others. She is a musician with many facets and together with Jean Jacques ELANGUE (ts), Arnaud SYLLARD (tp), Hilaire PENDA (b) and Carlos GBAGUIDI she invites us on the stage of the Théâtre de Verdure, to dream and travel between Cameroun, the Caribbean and Jazz.  See also :

 .  review of the album “Lonely Woman” on Zicline , Citizen Jazz the Hungarian webzine Fidelio

 .  online interview on the site Jazz Club Les Naïades

 .  special page on the site Jazz Passion (pictures and presentation)

 . "Claudine François dans le Boudoir de Proust" de Citizen Jazz

Photo Cirovski

Jean-Jacques ELANGUE  :

"Dash and great force are combined in the music of Franco Cameroonian sax tenor Jean Jacques ELANGUE. Veritable colossus of the saxophone, JJ has developed a style full of energy, from impetuosity to lyricism, tradition and hurt, serenity and drunkenness".

Biography and discography (see also biography on Claudine François website)

Arnaud SYLLARD, trumpet player as well as composer and arranger, the bassist from Cameroon, Hilaire PENDA and drum player from Benin, Carlos GBAGUIDI participate with the greatests in many projects in France and abroad.

Arnaud Syllard page on myspace



You can listen to extracts on the site Claudine François, in particular Amazon-Metis Quintet.

Lonely Woman


Healing Force


Comme Si

avec Steve Potts (sax), Jean-Jacques Avenel (contrebasse) et John Betsch (drums)

Jean-Jacques Elangué (sax), Nicolas Genest (trompette-bugle), Denis Tchangou (drums) & André Nkouaga (contrebasse)

avec Didier Forget (Sax), Jane Bunnett (soprano, flûte), Harry Gofin (basse), John Betsch (batterie)

avec Jim Pepper (Sax), Ed Schuller (contrebasse), John Betsch (batterie), Kendra Shank (voix sur Drakumba)

avec Jean Querlier (Sax, hautbois, flûte), Bruno Girard (Violon), Jean-Louis Méchali (batterie), Pierre Jacquet (contrebasse)

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