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Visit Doodlin' website... and listen...

Emmanuelle Rivault: vocals, guitar
Evelyne Sornay: vocals, Kazoo
Vérène Fay: vocals
Michel Barrot : trumpet
Pierre Cammas : piano
Gérard Maurin : bass
Michael Santanastasio : drums



Swing it


Peinture Charlotte Welfling

Paint : Charlotte Welfling

Doodlin’ was born of an irresistible urge to rediscover swing music and to revive the good humor of the jazz age. Doodlin takes its inspiration from the pure tradition of American jazz, blues, and boogie woogie groups from the ‘20’s to the 50’s such as the Boswell Sisters, the Mills Brothers as well as the Nat King Cole Trio, Louis Jordan and the Tympani Five, and of course Duke Ellington and Count Basie. Doodlin’ uses this timeless repertoire to give a fresh sound which builds something new on an established and well-loved foundation. The original arrangements, the velvety yet sprightly voices, the high-flying notes of the trumpet and a driving, infectious rhythm give the group the essence of the best of the swing era. Doodlin’ is based on the collaboration and virtuosity of a vocal trio, composed of: Evelyne Sornay, Vérene Fay and Emmanuelle Rivault. Three unique voices, three different sensibilities, each with a personal history, a musical life lived which is heard in the choice of songs and their interpretation. Each vocalist has her own style but all three are dedicated to making the music swing. It is a good and delicious combination, smooth as can be yet sparkling like a good champagne” writes Marc Plossard, Le Dauphine Libere, Les Vans April 10, 2003.



Since 2001, the group has become a favorite on the French jazz scene, especially the festival circuit, playing at Jazz aux Sources, the Meunster Jazz Festival, Jazz in Artois, the Festival de Carcassone, the Avignon Festival, Enghien Jazz Festival, Hot Club de Niort, IMFP in Salon de Provence, 144 Dance Avenue in Toulouse, Festival Jazz en Liberté, Festival Les Couleurs du Jazz…. With Daniel Solia (drums) Perre Peyras (bass) David Giancola (harmonica) and Jean Francois Bennel (saxophone and trumpet) they recorded their first album “Swing It!” which was released in May 2004, Upon several occasions, talented soloists have accompanied  Doodlin’ including Paul Cheron, Daniel Huck, Denis Carter, Jean Philippe Stevenin, Francesco Castellani, Gérard Murphy…

For two years now, their best accomplice on the stage has been the trumpet player Michel Barrot. During his career he has played with many musical legends, including James Brown, Richard Galliano, Sonny Grey, Toots Theilemans, Eddie Louis, Marc Ducret, Michel Legrand, Mario Statchev… In 1979 he founded the jazz school IMFP in Salon de Provence. This exceptional musician thrills the public with his inventive choruses and onstage charisma.

In 2006, Doodlin’ reformed the group adding pianist Pierre Cammas, bassist Gerard Maurin and drummer Michael Santanastasio. Pierre Camas, whose intense musicality sensitivity and creativity gives the band a new range of colors, has accompanied many big jazz names, such as Dizzy Gillespie, Frank Foster, Johnny Griffin, and Maxime Saury. A musical colleague of Cammas’ for several years, the bassist Gérard Maurin is a musician blessed with a solid rhythmic and harmonic sense. He won the gold medal from CNR de Marseille in Jazz, harmony and counterpoint, and he has played with, among others, Toots Thielemans, André Villeger, Richard Galliano and Sandy Patton.  Drummer Michael Santanastasio plays the drums with a finesse and inventiveness that was honed during more than 15 years  of playing in the U.S. with the likes of Bobby Watson, Russell Malone and Sandy Patton. His precision  and suppleness bring the group an incomparable sense of swing. 


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