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Chemin du Sacre

05700 Serres



tel. 04 92 67 01 04

Direction et Programmation :
tel. 06 08 57 72 23


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Webmaster :

Joëlle Hémono-Olsen





BLUE BUËCH : The Association


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Gilles LambertEdouard Vernetjoëlle hémono-olsenAlain SimoniBuzErik Werkman





In 2013, Technical team

and Andreas, absent for personal reasons, but still with the team and supportive

Yannick Buffat


Securité : men in black

Cédric et Lionel

Lionel Barral

Cédric "Obelix"

Jean-Claude Barral

Who coaches the musicians,

provides you with books, CD

and makes sure nothing lost in translation ?

Vera-Hendrika Curson

Vera-Hendrika Curson



Welcome, tickets and smile..

  Daniel Martine

Armêl Balogog,  Frank Dolif-Perros and Armêl, the dream team : Daniel, Martine and Ginette



Gérard et Liliane Azzuro


Gérard and Liliane Azzuro (partnership : Musique au Coeur des Baronnies)

en cours

Blue Buëch

Association (Legal)

Gilles Lambert, President, founder

Edouard Vernet, Treasurer

Joëlle Hémono-Olsen, Secretary

Alain Simoni, Director

Jean Buzelin, Director, artistic advisor

Erik Werkman

Founder, membre d'honneur

Vera Van Landeghem-Curson



Technical team

Sound, lights, régie

Yannick Buffat

and Pedro (lights)



Lionel and Cedric


Our sponsors

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Photos : Alain Simoni and jho pour Blue Buëch - Serres Jazz Festival
Except when indicated, our photos usually belongs to
Blue Buëch©, but they are freely available, with pleasure, but please mention our Festival if you want to use them or publish them.
Photos of the artists on their special individual pages may be protected. Please ask for more information if needed.

Association BLUE BUËCH - Serres Jazz Festival

La Gineste Chemin du Sacre

05700 Serres

The association is dedicated to the promotion of Jazz music and Jazz musicians, as well as all cultural or artistic activity. It is registered with the

Préfecture des Hautes Alpes under the n° 6839, dated 28 January 2003

Published at the journal Officiel of French Republic dated 29 Mrch 2003,  page 1722, n° 52 Code APE : 913E

N° SIREN :  478 829 294

N° SIRET :  478 829 294 00014

N° GUSO :  5008745156
Legal status (in French)






BBlue Buëch Association is registered under the 1901 French Act. This website is created by a volunteer member. We only publish material free from copyrights and provide your with  only  titles and links for some papers. Best links and favorite sites are mentionned  for free, reciprocity appreciated, free choices. No commercial material included. And never forget : if  you happen to dislike any of your pictures, just let us know, it will be immediately removed from this website.  contact web. Last update :  22 juin 2015