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Gilda SOLVE is American, born in San Francisco. She has been living in France for several years and treasures the osmosis between herself and the European jazz musicians she meets. Gilda Solve is one of the 5 discoveries at the international competition 2003 in Juan les Pins. After each performance, her vocal technique, her great stage presence, her charm, the emotions she arouses and her rapport with the audience leave a deep impression. With a repertory that ranges from Duke Ellington, Horace Silver, Sonny Rollins, Miles Davis, Chuck Corea, Gilda has invited us on a voyage through the gold standards of jazz. Today she embraces a more up to date range with a different harmonic and rhythmic concept of jazz and the colours of California.


Patrice  GALAS Trio : Patrice GALAS (p), Pierre MAINGOUR (b) and Sylvain GLEVAREC (d) . Patrice  GALAS is a pianist who ranks amongst the great of today’s jazz. He has, to name but a few, accompanied more than 50 of the great names of world jazz, such as Dizzy Gillespie, Hank Mobley, Kenny Clark, Johnny Griffith, Lou Bennett, Slide Hampton, Stan Getz, has participated in the creation of books on blues and modern Jazz, and has contributed on the Dictionnaire du Jazz edited by Robert Laffont (France). He is also the author of the first jazz methods in France, with the series “La Musique Moderne”. (see discography on the site Patrice Galas).


"Profession: jazz vocalist. Distinctive characteristics: Pure voice, ranging from down low to up high, sophisticated technique. The plus: perfect French! Comments: late yesterday afternoon, Gilda Solve enchanted the festival audience for one hour with her sensual voice. Eclectic repertoire: this attractive West-Coast lady shifts easily from standards to ballads, and from swinging tunes to seductive bossa novas.And what's more, she really knows how to dig up good musicians:Patrice Galas – Profession: pianist and cofounder of the CIM jazz school in Paris. Distinctive characteristics: a walking jazz encyclopedia. Comments: Quality fingering! His hands swirl and fly. An enchantment !"  Jazzhot n°588

Discography (listen to extracts on Gilda Solve website)

GILDA SOLVE vocal    – Patrice GALAS piano  – Marc FOSSET guitar

– Gus  NEMETH  bass– Pier Paolo  POZZI  drums -    Black and Blue  - Night and Day  

Patrice Galas


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