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Jean SCHÜLER trio



Jean Schüler starts playing the piano at the age of 8 and obtains the Prix Harmonie at the Paris Conservatoire. He is Director of Centres Culturels at l'Isle Adam, Saint-Cloud, Boulogne-Billancourt, organizes concerts and festivals (Magma/Tangerine Dream/Lubat/Solal/Cohelmec/Miko Nissim/Zao), plays with Ch. Vander, P. Duhamel, H. Sellin, M. Deviliers, B. Paganotti, A. Marquet (Prix Sidney Bechet). Musical director of a Music Hall company (performances at the Bataclan), numerous concerts in Paris and environs and at the Maison de la Radio (INA Archives). His group LINEA come fourth at the Amiens Festival of Radio France (Predecessor to the concours de La Defense). He has lived in the South East of France for the last 30 years and founded a music school in a rural environment ; also played in trios, quartets and quintets (Festijazz Chateau-Arnoux, Digne, Merlette, Manosque, Gap, etc...). Performs with the musicians of the AMI and occasionnally with the Orchestre Régional de Jazz of La Réunion. One CD in trio with the musicians from La Réunion "Live under St Gilles". In Planning : Master classes in the Buëch Valley and at La Réunion.

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