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NUAGES de SWING and Sébastien Félix - A Tribute to Django Reinhardt  - 2004


Nuages de Swing

Laurent Courtois, guitar

Christian Roy, Clarinet

Jérôme Chartier, bass

Laurent Chofflet, drums

NUAGES de SWING (2004)


Nuages de Swing, formed in 2002, is a jazz group in the tradition of the Quintette du Hot Club de France.


They play jazz classics as well as their own numbers, and above all, those of the great Manouche guitarist, Django Reinhardt.




Official website :



Album/CD :

Nuages de Swing 2004

see the group's website


Nuages CD


Sébastien Félix


Sébastien Félix

Sébastien FELIX (2004)


Special guest of Nuage de Swing at the second Serres Jazz Festival, Sébastien Félix is a solo guitarist with a great sensitivity and lyricism and is well known throughout the world of Manouche jazz.




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